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3 Self Care Tips To Practice Now

With the pressures of work, family or  school, it can be challenging to create space for yourself. At work, I encourage people to tap into their power by first taking time for themselves before embarking on their next venture. But, I’m also guilty of not practicing self-care when I need it most. I find it difficult to close the computer, take a break from work and just slow down; go for a run, sleep, or get a massage. Especially when  work is your calling, putting “me” before “we” can sometimes feel uncomfortable. So how do we get off the hamster wheel of life and move to a place where we are taking care of ourselves like we would a loved one?

First, we must decide to be kind to ourselves. Practice being gentle with yourself – and throw away your rulebook of should-dos, have-tos and need-to-dos for a moment. Let’s do this now. Take a deep breath and believe, with your heart, that you are worthy of care.  In order to be the boss you are, you need to source for yourself.

Second, commit to one action you will take this week to tend to yourself. Make a plan to take care of yourself each week for the next four weeks. This could be riding your bike each morning, taking a walk during your lunch break, painting after work or going out to dinner with friends. Write this down and commit to taking that action. Come on and do it!

Third, you’ve started something good for yourself, now it’s time to keep it rocking. Once you’ve established your new nourishing healthy habits, try adding more. Whatever you do don’t stop. You will find that as you nourish yourself, you will naturally start to show up more vibrantly for  others as well.

 Cheers to self-care! 


When I experience kindness, it makes me happy. Kindness is the carrier of a many gifts – coming in the form of a compliment, a helping hand, a smile or a word of encouragement. Kindness can shift the mood or be the start of a new beginning. Have you ever had a bad day and a waitress bought you a free dessert? Or a random person is kind to you for no reason? Those acts of kindness can soften your heart, lift your spirit and make everything okay. More doses of kindness make you feel like you are surrounded by goodness and that goodness infects you and those around you. I encourage you to be kind. To move into the kind zone, start by being kind to yourself. Then be kind to those closest to you. And once you’ve mastered that, extend that kindness to a stranger. As we all raise our kindness game we will help to create a kinder world.


"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." -Scott Adams