I’ve always been passionate about helping others transform the quality of their lives. Regardless of what challenges you face, chances are I've been there.  And if I haven’t, I can absolutely relate.  I understand the pressures of work, relationships, being a parent, finances, getting your dream job or climbing the corporate ladder, getting in shape, depression, or just feeling numb about life and it’s circumstances. I can also relate to the fact that your breakthrough can be right around the corner, and often times, it is. 

Prior to coaching, I’ve spent the last decade working in Human Capital Management and Talent Development for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.  I’ve served many people as a coach, mentor and confidant.  I have also been fortunate to have coaches and mentors support and guide me in my journey.  I know what it takes to transform your life.  And I know what happens when things don’t change, they get worse. 

Let’s conquer that challenge you’ve been facing, let’s re-design your life, let’s transform.  I am here to listen to your heart, help you get honest, wash away fears and self doubt, get crystal clear on what you want and develop a strategy to have a life that you love.  There is nothing that brings me greater joy than serving others.  Giving you that nudge to live authentically and intentionally.   Watching your dreams come to reality in a meaningful and fulfilling way.  Seeing you enjoy the abundant life that you deserve in every possible way.

I have a big heart to serve you and I am excited to give you the tools and strategies that will make the impact you've been waiting for.

Say YES and set up a free consultation by emailing siona@sionahenderson.com to schedule an appointment today.