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5 Steps To Help You Land Your Dream Job

In order to land the job you want, you need to have a clear picture of your dream job. Bring your ideal job to your mind now. Now that you have your target job in mind, you can put all of your efforts into hitting the target. Here are 5 easy steps to help you land your dream job -

Step 1 – Tailor your resume to fit the specific job opening you are applying for and re-write your resume for each job you want. Be clear/concise about your relevant skills and experience. Write the resume as if you are painting a compelling picture to the reader that they need to bring you in and meet you. Customize your resume based on the employer. Research the company and the culture to ensure the language you are using aligns with the company. Place the title of how you want the recruiter or hiring manager to view you right under your name – i.e. Tara Happy, Program Manager or John Borne, Chief Information Officer etc..

Step 2 – Network and seek to expand your network. Network, network, network - the old adage still holds true. Leverage your network by emailing your resume to friends, former colleagues, old managers or use LinkedIn to connect with former associates. Leverage LinkedIn to see if any of your connections are connections with contacts at your target company. Seek to expand your network by introducing yourself via email or LinkedIn. Think about how you can add value to your new contacts so that it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. These connections might not initially bear fruit but your career will span a lifetime so continuing to expand your network will come in handy someday.

Step 3Apply to job roles early. Apply within 1-3 days of the job posting. Applying to roles early gets your resume to the top of the stack. In the beginning of the candidate search, recruiters and hiring managers are anxious to see candidates, so being the early bird could help land you an interview faster. Have job roles pushed to you using job aggregators like, Indeed, or by setting up automatic job retrievals on your target companies websites so that you can be first to apply.

Step 4 – You applied to the role and now you’ve landed the phone or in-person interview; this is your opportunity to shine! Commit to being authentic but confident during your interview. You want to show your true polished colors. Answer the questions as if you were made for the role. Answer the questions you are asked and don't go off topic. Showcase the value you can add to the company as you answer each question. Don’t make negative comments about past employers. What you wear to an interview matters so align your attire to the company’s culture always erring on the side of being more professional vs. casual.

Step 5 – You had a great interview and you’ve just received your offer letter – congrats! If you receive what you asked, accept the offer, no need to negotiate. If the offer is not quite what you want, negotiate for more. The worst you can be told is no, so go for it.