Inspired Warriors

We are all Inspired Warriors. Within us all is a well of love, passion, wisdom and peace. Poet and speaker, Anthony Anaxagorou, says in a poem titled The Master’s Revenge – “stand in the present, draw for the future and shoot with the ammunition from the past”.  Your past has prepared you to aim for a profoundly beautiful future. And you move toward this future, not from a space of fear or timidity, but you move with a swift warrior-like confidence, aiming your faint past the obstacles with precision to the target. And as you continuing aiming and shooting and aiming and shooting, you keep hitting more targets and more targets, not concerned with how the arrow will get there, because you just know it will.

We are mighty warriors with powerful internal resources, mighty enough to build coalitions, empires, heal, transform, create, innovate, empower, encourage and love. We are so incredibly powerful that we sometimes don’t listen to our intuitions telling us to slow down, speed up, dig deeper, give love, stop, go; so we drown out that noise in exchange for something else, that could be someone telling us what to do, a boss telling us how to act, a group telling us how to think or us confirming to a “normal” job because its what society expects from us - all of these things slowly diminishing the inner warrior that lives within us all.

I have carried battered arrows and operated from a space of lack and though I always had these broken arrows, I dared not try to fix them, least I loose me. I held on to this identify of mine – being efficient, uptight, helpful, cold and judgy because it was what I thought I needed to do. My experience may have been your experience, but since you too are a warrior, you have fresh arrows constantly being replenished on your back through what you believe about yourself, through others offering you arrows and through you being born with this ability to create new ones.

Be present with yourself, get honest, surround yourself with warriors that will fight with you and for you, and walk with ease through life because your broken arrows are made straight as you realize they were never broken, but just waiting to be pulled out, made straight and aimed with precision at your next target. Sending you lots of love and encouragement to my fellow inspired warrior.